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In Spain, it seems people who make laws has confused things.
It seems they have put inside the same "bag" Archeology and Paleontology, and, with the flag "Mankind patrimony" they have make a law that forbids the fossil's collect as it forbids to collect human remains or city's remains of our ancestors.
It is not the same. It's not the same to collect a sea urchim from the Cretaceous, of two centimetres size, to whom almost everybody would kick, than collect a Cromagnon man skull.
Paleontology is not Archeology. It musn't be forbiden, because this is a contribution to culture that we, the fossil's lovers, make disinterestedly.

Archeology deposits are another thing.

And with this belief, we are going to try that this law, if exists, would be rewrited correctly. For starting, if anybody has that law text, please, send it to us by Email.

We, the fossil's lovers, are neither delinquents nor patrimony despoilers. When you pick up a "stone" from a peasant field , you make a favour to him, because for the plough that "stone" is an obstacle and probably it will break it down in thousand parts.

And we don't like politics consider us as delinquents. Y we don't like people or organisations who monopolize land areas as if they were private enclosures.

As a draft, we could push some basics of actuation, like:

. As fossil's lovers, it is not allowed to sell fossils. Only exchange is allowed. Our activity is not a commercial activity.
. We have to have free access to all national land.
. Besides of growing up our private collections, some of the collected pieces must be transfered to the museums if they write down the owner's name.
. Any Archeology finding must be comunicated to the oficial organisations.
. Que cuando se trate de vertebrados de gran tamaño, precisamente por esa causa, deben comunicarse y cederse a los museos.
. Museums must deliver an identity card to the collaborators to allow them to make their activity freely, without fear towards troubleds with polices.
. To promote an agreement among the different administrations, so there is only an actuation basic: Total freedom to collect fossils everywhere in the country.
. That we can collabor with higher level scientifics when they ask it for, but only if they admit our property over the left fossils, and they give them back to us without damage.

. And some points more that we can draw with the help of your ideas.

At the end, the most of our collections will go to museums, when the new generations see them as an hindrance instead of a cultural reachness.

We want to create a collectivity of people strong to figh for our rights. Send us an Email as support.





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